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June 2, 2017
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June 2, 2017

Magno Castillo: A Farmer in Peru

Vacahuasi is a rural community in the district of Ocros in the Ayacucho Region of Peru where Magno Castillo lives with his wife Primitiva Gutierrez and their five children.

Magno is happy and enthusiastic about his new guinea pig farm. He started working on it in May 2015, when World Neighbors was implementing a community led assessment of the region. Since then, he has become an active volunteer, engaging his community to participate in the program.

He attended trainings and planning development sessions to manage cattle, build smart artisanal irrigation systems and cultivate alfalfa. With increased knowledge about enhanced agricultural procedures, an understanding of better technologies and access to capital work, Magno is improving his production and increasing his family income.

“[Working with World Neighbors] has been positive and fruitful. The training activities are good to make people and families realize that they can own their future,” Magno said.

Magno said change is visible in his town and wherever World Neighbors is working. He said community autonomy is one of the best things about working with World Neighbors.

“Communities don’t have to wait for public or private organizations to intervene and solve problems for them,” he said. “They can act on their own, with full knowledge and commitment to their development. The change is visible in my town and wherever WN is working.”

Magno takes care of his family’s guinea pig farm and his crops of fruits and vegetables. When his family needs extra money, he works as a cab driver, sharing the responsibilities of the house and farm with his wife and children.

Because of his enthusiasm and commitment towards his community, he has been appointed to many leadership positions. He has been the District Mayor, Community President, Parent/Teacher Association President and is currently an appointed representative and volunteer from his community to WN.