These gifts are symbolic and represent the work of World Neighbors and the many items that communities around the globe use to lift themselves out of poverty. Because you are helping World Neighbors inspire people and strengthen communities, your purchases are tax deductible.

The over-complicated legal answer

World Neighbors works in 13 countries around the world, investing in people rather than things. We work with people in local communities to create low-cost, practical solutions to challenges like hunger, poverty and disease.

This gift catalog contains items that symbolically represent pieces of World Neighbors work. You are not purchasing the actual items listed in the catalog, but instead you are making a contribution that supports all of World Neighbors integrated work, not one specific thing or project. Your donation will be used where the need is greatest.

Translation of the overcomplicated legal answer

There will not be a family in a remote Peruvian village unwrapping a box with a llama inside!

Okay, maybe we should give you a little better explanation? When you buy a goat for a friend or loved one, you are not actually buying that goat. Although goats and other animals are important in many of World Neighbors program areas, we know that animals are only part of the solution to the global problems of hunger, poverty and disease. Animals can provide many things to people and communities, including food and income, but other issues such as health and sanitation, access to clean water, farming and preserving the natural environment must also be addressed. Also, to truly create change that will last for generations, we must not simply give things away (food, animals, technology or money), but instead provide people the knowledge they yearn for to change their lives for themselves.

When you buy one of these unique gifts for a family member, friend or colleague in honor of a special occasion, they will receive a card notifying them of the powerful gift you’ve made in their name. And you’ll know that you’ve made an investment in programs that offer real solutions and not short term fixes. This could be assisting a woman to plant a kitchen garden, or helping a family increase the productivity of the family’s crop fields, or yes, it could even go toward helping a community lift themselves out of poverty by utilizing a goat! However your gift is used, you can rest assured that your generosity is going to change lives forever. (Would you really want your donation to be spent on Fed-exing a water buffalo to Tanzania?)