World Neighbors’ Work in Guatemala

In November 2019 Kate and a team from around the US visited our program sites in Guatemala. While there, Mike Barber shot this beautiful video! Check it out and learn more about our values as an organization.  Thanks to Mike, Richard Wing, Brent Jensen, Whitney Allen and Jeff Bordey for visiting our programs and donating their time and work to World Neighbors!

World Neighbors’ work in Indonesia

Through a generous grant from the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, this video highlights our work in building the capacity of communities to prepare for and mitigate disasters in Indonesia.

World Neighbors’ work in Bolivia

WN works in the Vila Vila municipality of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Thanks to a generous grant from the McKnight Foundation, we are able to focus on nutrition, food security, access to clean water and developing Savings and Credits groups. A cross-cutting theme throughout all our work around the world is promoting gender equity. A big thanks to Nicholas Duncan, a dedicated volunteer who took these photos and produced the video.

World Neighbors’ work in Timor-Leste

In Timor-Leste, WN is focused on helping communities to adapt to and build resilience to climate change. Timor-Leste, and especially the Oecusse region, are vulnerable to natural disasters.

Part of this vulnerability is the lack of infrastructure which restricts access to WN communities. We are working diligently to provide community members with the necessary tools to establish reliable water sources and sustainable agriculture systems.

World Neighbors’ work in Lombok, Indonesia

This documentary is on the work World Neighbors is doing in Lombok, Indonesia. Much of our work there focuses on building resiliency in the face of a changing climate, disaster preparedness, and empowering women.

World Neighbors’ work in Bihar, India

World Neighbors works with women around the globe to help them develop livelihoods and empower them to have more of a voice in their communities. In this video you will see how women are striving to break down the caste system, educate girls, prevent child marriage and eliminate the dowry system through World Neighbors’ programs in Bihar, India.

Inspiring People, Strengthening Communities

Working in partnership with individuals and organizations at the local level, World Neighbors starts with people’s needs and provides the training and support which allows them to generate tangible benefits in response to those needs. But the capacity of communities and local organizations must be strengthened so that they can sustain and spread those benefits.