June 2, 2017
Water and soil conservation technologies practice success at permanent garden
June 2, 2017

Adela Jerónimo

Adela Jerónimo (50) is a single woman, living in the community of Zarca La Mina, in Jocotan, Chiquimula, Guatemala.

She never had children and lives with her mother, brother, and niece. Adela started collaborating with World Neighbors (WN) in 2009, when she received support to start a small poultry farm that is very successful. The farm provides meat for her family and she can also sell the surplus to her neighbors, reducing food insecurity in her family and improving their income.

She likes the holistic approach of WN. “I like that we are learning about many different things that are important. So I’m convinced that collaboration and hard work is how you get real benefits, wealth and development” she says.

Adela has been very active in the building of a vegetable garden using live fences and using different crops to avoid monoculture, which is risky. She also appreciates the improved stoves program because she knows that a reduction of fumes in the family kitchen has improved the respiratory condition of her mother and herself. Access to savings and credits has allowed Adela to start a small crafts business and to buy and sell turkeys.

Adela tries to become a leader and likes to assume responsibilities in her organization as a way to give back to her community. She always volunteers in vaccination campaigns and in training and provides advice and support to her neighbors

Adela watching over some corn plants to assess the growth of her crops during a long drought in Chiquimula