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May 4, 2018
Deadly Earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia
August 3, 2018

Love Thy Global Neighbor

A group of cheerful young boys in Kenya pause for a photo by a World Neighbors volunteer.

When World Neighbors supporters travel to the 13 countries where the Oklahoma City-based nonprofit helps to change lives, it’s called a journey.

Dr. Susan Chambers journeyed in the 1990s to a tiny town in Mali, where she learned that babies had once been delivered with the help of “the village knife.”

But after receiving training from World Neighbors, the villagers drew from their common fund to replace the unsanitary knife with razor blades and bottles of Betadine.

They bought plastic mats so women giving birth “didn’t have to lay on the dirt, where they could get tetanus,” says Chambers, an Oklahoma City obstetrician.

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