DRR Success Story: Call me Flood!
November 27, 2017
World Neighbors Regional Director On Keeping Development Local
January 4, 2018

A simple methodology continues to produce powerful results for Oklahoma City-based World Neighbors

World Neighbors — an independent nonprofit that works to “create permanent change in some of the poorest places on earth” — began with Oklahoma City’s John L. Peters preaching a sermon titled “Let’s Deal with Basic Issues.” 21

More than 60 years later, the international development organization’s president and chief executive officer Kate Schecter said World Neighbors continues that legacy. The organization’s projects begin with simple and practical solutions that progressively target complex challenges, like issues around hunger, poverty and disease, but also natural disasters, migration and climate change. The solutions always begin by investing in the local people and their communities, inspiring them to create their own solutions through programs rooted in agriculture, health, literacy, water, financial management and environmental protection.

Through the organization’s work in Indonesia, where small island villages are vulnerable to a rise in sea levels, World Neighbors planted mangrove trees. The trees fend off rising seas and help protect the islands from stronger tropical storms caused by climate change.

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