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June 2, 2017
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June 2, 2017

Jeet Bahadur: A Lead Farmer in Dolkha District, Nepal

Jeet Bahadur Tamang is a 40-year-old lead farmer from Gairimudi, in the Dolkha District of Nepal. Jeet currently owns and farms two-thirds of an acre.

He used to work as a porter in another village, carrying heavy loads of goods on trekking routes. Jeet earned just enough to survive and no one in the village would give him a loan – not even a small amount.

When he was back in his home town, he heard about the Safal Organic Farmer Group facilitated by ECARDS ( a local Community-based Organization).

After joining the group, he received training on vegetable farming and regular technical support to start tomato and chile farming. He was enthusiastic enough to start with eight tunnels.

After receiving training from a lead farmer in Sindhuli with the support of WN, he aims to expand agro-forestry and get involved in vermi compost and begin goat farming. Today, he sells goats, chiles and tomatoes. He produces 1000-1200 kilos of compost annually and earns nearly $1,200 (Nepal’s per capita annual earnings are $730.)

Today, instead of carrying heavy loads in a village where no one knows him, Jeet Bahadur has become the face of his village – people look up to him, seek his advice and he has been honored with certificates of appreciation from various cooperatives.