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September 14, 2018
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December 20, 2018

Community-level Development Happening in Nepal

Interview by Sai Nikesh D

Years of socio-political-economic struggle gave Nepal what it is today. Decades-long struggle is turning into real-time development in a gradual and phased manner, resulting in long-awaited transformation for the country in almost every way, i.e. social progress, sustainable development, human rights, governance, etc.

And, Nepali Sansar (NS) has always been conscious about every small step that contributed to Nepal’s development in the recent times. In its journey of continuous coverage, NS Bureau got a chance to interact with World Neighbors (, one of the world’s leading development organizations into human rights protection across nations.

In an exclusive interview with NS, WN’s President and CEO, Kate Schecter shared her experiences and knowledge about overall development scenario of Nepal.

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