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This #GivingTuesday, please help us empower our most vulnerable communities with the skills and training to help them prepare for the next inevitable natural disaster. World Neighbors has been doing work on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Indonesia and Timor Leste and there is a great need to expand this work around the world.

World Neighbors’ #GivingTuesday Campaign!

byKatie Peach

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Our goal is to raise $10,000 towards expanding our DRR activities in the following ways:

1. Perform a Disaster Risk Assessment in each community to determine what risks are present and to build awareness;

2. Training on disaster preparedness and what to do in the event of a catastrophe;

3. Training on basic medical care and disaster response;

4. Training on safety precautions for the whole community and how to evacuate the most vulnerable; and

5. Working closely with local governments and agencies to better communicate before and immediately after a natural disaster in order to secure relief aid.

Additional work in DRR is needed especially in: Nepal, India, Haiti and Peru.

Help us help our communities in becoming proactive, rather than reactive, when disaster strikes. By supporting this campaign, you are helping to save lives and reduce the impact of the next flood, earthquake, hurricane, tsunami and volcanic eruption!

This is a #GivingTuesday campaign! Every dollar we raise in this campaign will go directly to the field.  Thank you for your support in helping our distant neighbors stay safe and continue to improve their lives!


World Neighbors was there for the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and we are still there helping communities with long-term development.



Planting mangroves on the coast of Indonesia to limit the risk of tidal flooding.

Emergency medical simulations in Timor-Leste.

Photos were taken by Nicholas Duncan for World Neighbors.


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