World Neighbors expanded its work in Africa to Malawi during the fiscal year 2022. Located in southeastern Africa to the south of Tanzania, Malawi is one of the poorest landlocked countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Its population of 20.5 million is growing at three percent per year and is expected to reach 45 million by 2050. Over half of the population currently lives on less than $2 per day, with 25% classified as ultra-poor.

Malawi’s economy is agriculture-based, but the country is still food insecure, distances to health facilities are long, and gender inequalities are rampant. Hence, there is opportunity for WN to work with identified communities in the Upper Shire area in the Southern Region to improve food security, diversify livelihood sources, increase incomes, improve health conditions and improve management of natural resources.

World Neighbors is working with the local community groups to form an umbrella organization with which it will partner to implement development activities. Some of the program activities will include crop production, livestock husbandry, income generation/entrepreneurship, natural resource conservation and management, community health volunteer trainings, disease prevention, and capacity strengthening of the partner organization and its member groups.

For more information on our future plans for Malawi, check out this article:

World Neighbors Expands Its Work to Malawi