July 2009 e-Newsletter

How are World Neighbors programs surviving the economic downturn?

The entire world has been negatively affected by the economic downturn, especially the impoverished and vulnerable people World Neighbors helps beyond the end of the roads in Asia, Africa and Latin America

The communities where World Neighbors works have experienced a decrease in food security, volunteers and basic community resources creating a downward spiral of cause and effect. 

The majority of households cannot afford adequate meals everyday due to the soaring prices of staple foods, which has exacerbated food insecurity, an issue that our programs had begun to successfully address. The number of chronically hungry people has passed 1 billion for the first time, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.* 

World Neighbors program approach relies on volunteers to carry out and share the work, and they can no longer devote adequate time to the programs as they must now focus on finding food for their own families. Also, the level of savings has declined over the last few months because households have scarce surplus funds to save and those members who borrow funds now find it increasingly difficult to pay back the loans on time. 

World Neighbors has been addressing each of these issues, continuing to stay true to our mission and program plans for each area.   

Malnourished children are being fed with a nutritious porridge and families are learning about basic nutrition and how to eat a balanced diet. We are motivating people to participate in income generating activities so that they may lift themselves from being merely subsistence farmers. We are partnering with other organizations that incorporate relief activities as part of their development work in order to benefit the most vulnerable people. Click here to learn more about how World Neighbors addresses hunger, poverty, disease and the environment. 

Our commitment continues to be our mission to eliminate poverty across the globe and now more than ever, our millions of neighbors in Asia, Africa and Latin America are in need. Become a member of the Neighbors Network and pledge a monthly commitment for as little as $5 to help sustain World Neighbors programs throughout the year.   



World Neighbors Receives Charity Navigator’s 4-star Rating for Third Year

For the third consecutive year, World Neighbors has received 4-stars, the highest rating possible from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent evaluator of charities. Only 11% of the charities rated have received at least three consecutive 4-star evaluations. Visit our Recent News page to read more or view World Neighbors full profile on Charity Navigator here. 


World Neighbors invited to join From Clients to Citizens forum  

World Neighbors has been invited to participate in From Clients to Citizens, a unique and small forum (consisting of just 100 invited guests) held in Nova Scotia, Canada July 7-10. This event will unite and strengthen resource persons from a variety of areas of expertise, invited for their experience in academic, practitioner and philanthropic fields. Various countries such as Brazil, Ethiopia, Philippines, India, Vietnam and Canada will be represented in this forum that will foster stronger bonds and growth within the asset-based and citizen-led community development microcosm.  


World Neighbors voted as top 5 nonprofit

We are thrilled that World Neighbors has been selected as one of the top 5 nonprofits in an Oklahoma newspaper’s Readers Choice poll. The Oklahoman’s yearly poll gives readers a chance to vote for their favorite local places. Thank you to everyone in Oklahoma who showed their support by casting a vote for World Neighbors.


World Neighbors awarded Basic Human Need Award

On June 13, Wavy Gravy, social activist, clown, and author, awarded World Neighbors the Basic Human Needs award, which is named after a song he wrote proclaiming that all humans should have their basic needs met. The Basic Human Needs award is given to an organization or person that has gone above and beyond to raise awareness about an issue they are passionate about.


Why does World Neighbors address international poverty? 

World Neighbors believes that we cannot afford to ignore the fight against global poverty. Every day in Asia, Africa and Latin America, tens of thousands of people perish because of extreme poverty. They are dying from diseases and extreme hunger caused by a lack of food, safe drinking water, access to education and basic medication. As global neighbors, it is our responsibility to help those who are suffering, both in the United States and internationally, to rise above the causes of poverty on their own. Click here to read more FAQs.