Give a gift that helps transform communities in need.

Beyond the boxWorld Neighbors Online Gift Catalog is a great alternative to the billions of dollars that will be spent this year on gifts from big box retailers. It’s called Beyond the Box – A Better Way to Give because your gifts can go far beyond the typical boxed items and do extraordinary good works that reach far beyond the end of the road.

Give a Symbolic Gift

These gifts are symbolic and represent the work of World Neighbors and the many items that communities around the globe use to lift themselves out of poverty. When you purchase one of the items, the recipient receives a personalized card and your donation transforms communities by helping people address hunger, poverty, disease and other challenges that undermine their well-being. Because you are helping World Neighbors inspire people and strengthen communities, your purchases are tax deductible. What is a symbolic gift?

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  • Due to space limitations we are only able to process five gift recipients per online order.
  • If you would like to place more than five orders, after paying at check out, simply start a new order or please mail us your order using the downloadable catalog or call 1-800-242-6387 and ask for a gift catalog representative.