Our Partners

At World Neighbors, we are proud and grateful for the many partners who are passionate about our programs and methods.  Because of these relationships, these partners are making a significant investment in our neighbors around the globe by supporting us in various ways, from event sponsorships to corporate partnership opportunities. 

FarmersFor 62 years, we have been supported by hundreds of wonderful businesses, including the current partners listed below. To learn more about opportunities to sponsor World Neighbors events or partner with us in our marketing efforts, Contact 
us email .




Featured Partner:

American Fidelity Assurance Company, one of the largest private, family-owned life insurance companies in the nation, has piloted a corporate adopt-a-village program through World Neighbors. Through monthly updates via the company’s intranet this innovative and groundbreaking program has allowed the colleagues of American Fidelity an opportunity to truly connect with villages in Guatemala, Nepal and Burkina Faso. American Fidelity Foundation also supports the World Neighbors in the Classroom program and celebrates the organization with a World Neighbors Day.

“Working with World Neighbors lets our Colleague team increase awareness of the greater world around us.  While working to transform the lives of others, our lives also are touched. I am proud to be involved with World Neighbors, an organization whose approach of helping people help themselves is simple but so effective."

- Dave Lopez, President of American Fidelity Foundation


Strategic Partners:

Clif Bar Family Foundation is committed to promoting and inspiring positive change at the grassroots level. Established in 2006, the Clif Bar Family Foundation supports the foundational development and long-term growth of grassroots organizations such as World Neighbors through small grants, long-term partnerships. For more information about the Clif Bar Family Foundation, please visit www.clifbarfamilyfoundation.org.


Chesapeake Energy Corporation, the largest independent producer and third-largest overall producer of natural gas in the United States, invests in World Neighbors by supporting our signature fund raising event, WorldFest: An international market and learning experience. Understanding the significance of this unique event, Chesapeake Energy has played a foundational role in making it a success in Oklahoma. Chesapeake is committed to doing a world of good both in communities where we operate and around the world. Learn more about Chesapeake Energy.



Organizational Partners:



Adapting to Climate Change in Eastern Indonesia is a World Neighbors program made possible with the generous support of the American People.  





World Neighbors is proud to receive funding from the European Commission, supporting our food security programs in Timor Leste.