Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between development work and relief?

World Neighbors promotes a holistic approach to a community / village. Why is this approach more effective than fixing a single problem?

Why should I help World Neighbors when there is poverty in the U.S.?

Why should I support development in other countries when they promote anti-U.S. perspectives?

Why should we help poor people?

There are so many international development organizations. What makes World Neighbors different?



How does World Neighbors choose where to work?

How is communication handled in remote villages?

Are innovations tested prior to being tried in the villages? Who tests the processes?

What does World Neighbors do when a new agricultural technique fails in a village? Is relief provided if crops are lost due to a World Neighbors process?

Why should World Neighbors invest in capacity building?

Why doesn’t World Neighbors work with disasters?

Does World Neighbors work with other organizations in the U.S. and overseas?

Are World Neighbors area representatives from the countries where they work?



What is World Neighbors relationship with Feed The Children?

Explain your current program/admin ratio and how your funds are used.

Is World Neighbors a charity?

Where does World Neighbors receive its funding?

Does being in Oklahoma isolate you from peer organizations?



How does a country’s political status enter into the process?

Once oppressed people become more self-sustaining, the oppressors will lose their grip. How does World Neighbors prepare for this?

Does World Neighbors help people escape poverty?

Does World Neighbors help people overcome oppression?

Does World Neighbors promote social change?

What does World Neighbors do that helps reduce terrorism?

World Neighbors was founded by a Methodist minister. Are you a religious organization?

How diverse is World Neighbors U.S. based staff and board?

Is World Neighbors successful in helping communities within the Muslim world?


Capacity Building

What does capacity building mean?

Explain World Neighbors approach to capacity building.



How does World Neighbors address gender in its programs?

Does World Neighbors have programs that specifically target women’s issues?

What is the WOW! (Work of Women) program at World Neighbors?

How does my WOW! membership make a difference in the lives of women?



How would you describe community health and reproductive health?

Why are community and reproductive health important components of development?

How would you describe World Neighbors community and reproductive health program?

What is World Neighbors position on family planning and contraception?

How do the programs of World Neighbors offer education, counseling and services regarding family planning and contraception?

What is World Neighbors position on abortion?

How do World Neighbors programs address HIV/AIDS?


Sustainable Agriculture/Rural Livelihoods

What do World Neighbors rural livelihood programs include?

What is sustainable agriculture?

What agricultural challenges do people face in World Neighbors programs?

How does World Neighbors address these challenges?

Does World Neighbors use pesticides in its programs?



What does World Neighbors do to address access to water in its program areas?