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CNBC Africa interview of CEO Kate Schecter on rural entrepreneurship in Kenya

World Neighbours runs agricultural-related business skills programs in Kenya's Busia and Kisumu counties, the programs involve 22 villages and about 1800 using greenhouse technology to practice horticulture. World Neighbors CEO, Kate Schecter joins CNBC Africa for more.

Eliminating Poverty in Indonesia - 3:52

See how we are striving to eliminate hunger, poverty and disease in the most deprived rural villages in Indonesia, a southeast Asian country where World Neighbors has worked since 1972. 

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Nicol Ragland Photography.

Teaming Up with Timor-Leste - 5:44

Learn about agricultural sustainability and other issues vital to the rural people of Timor-Leste.

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Transformation in Tanzania - 4:00

View our video about our programs in Tanzania.


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Hope Tuesday!- 2:28

World Neighbors introduces Hope Tuesday! It is our tongue and cheek answer to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Super Saturday or any other day that big box retailers coined as the greatest sale of the year. Hope Tuesday is an opportunity for you to go beyond the retailer’s latest must haves and give gifts that help those around the world supply themselves with REAL MUST HAVES like clean water and child nutrition.

After you view our Hope Tuesday video, please share this unique message of gift giving with others and ultimately expand your personal impact on ending hunger, poverty and disease.

Visit our Beyond the Box Gift Catalog for meaningful gifts that will bring joy to those you love and supply hope to those around the world



Join the World - 3:50

Hope for Haiti - 2:42


Join the World - 3:50


World Neighbors Promotional Video - 9:44


Public Service announcement- :30



An Interview with Dr. Susan Chambers, a WOW! Member



Centennial Stories: World Neighbors- 1:40



OETA Creative Moments: World Neighbors- :45



Focus on World Neighbors by St. Lukes United Methodist Church- 3:25


Quantum Shift video on World Neighbors- 2:00