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When many of us hear about our world neighbors in need, we are overcome with a desire to help them out of lives defined by poverty. But often we ask ourselves “What can I do? Can my help make a difference?” Members of the John L. Peters Society know that everyone has the power to change the world.john l. peters

Members of the John L. Peters Society are compassionate individuals who have committed to an annual pledge of $1,000 – or more. Their contributions go to improve the lives of not one person but 50 people per year.

If you are moved by World Neighbors 64 years of success in helping our neighbors around the globe turn their lives around, please consider joining the prestigious John L. Peters Society by committing to $1,000 a year. That amounts to just $2.74 per day – a mere cup of coffee. Or, we invite you to join our Founder’s Circle with a five-year commitment to the World Neighbors mission and make an ever bigger impact in your world.

john l. peters

Please contact 
us email Jim Morley for more information about how you can change the world by becoming a member of the  John L. Peters Society.