Empowering Women Around the World

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Work of Women (WOW!) is a membership organization within World Neighbors that empowers and mobilizes women in developing countries.

These women dream the same dreams and have the same hopes as us for ourselves and our families. They want healthy children, healthy minds and to have a voice in their homes and communities. Through your involvement with WOW!, you can help these women reach their dreams. You facilitate the creation of women's savings and credit groups that start micro-businesses. You invest in women's leadership and skill building for equity in community decision making. You support women to better feed their families by teaching her how to grow healthier foods. 

It is said if you educate a woman, you educate an entire community. As world neighbors to the many women struggling to provide a quality life for themselves and their families, we believe that it is important that each individual uses their resources and talents to create a fair and just world where all people can live healthy, productive and fulfilling lives. 

You can change a life, a family, a community!

Give the gift of pride and dignity to a woman today by making a donation to the Work of Women program.

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visit www.workofwomen.org





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Learn more about WOW! how you can get involved by visiting www.workofwomen.org.