Teaching Farmers Earth-friendly Solutions to Solving Hunger and Poverty

The natural environment plays a huge role on the health and welfare of people who rely on it as their sole source of income and food. This is the case for many across the globe who live in remote villages with little access to outside markets.  They depend on the land to provide them with enough food to feed their families through the year and enough money so that they can afford medical care, clothing and shelter. 

FieldDue to changing climates, environmental damage from slash and burn farming, the overusage of pesticides and many other causes, people who depend on the land for their livelihoods are suffering.  World Neighbors recognizes that many farmers and families simply do not understand the causes of their troubles and need help in identifying ways to improve their existing resources.



Indonesian Farmers Adapt to Climate Change

World Neighbors is thrilled to be one of only 12 organizations selected to be highlighted on the InterAction website, featuring an inspiring story about climate change from Indonesia. Click here to read one farmer's story and how his life changed because World Neighbors taught him the importance and benefits of planting trees.

InterAction is the largest alliance of U.S.–based international NGOs with more than 190 member organizations working in every developing country.

"Clearing the Air" - The Impact of a Kitchen Makeover

Discover how a kitchen makeover is leading to improved health for families. Click here to read about one community in Honduras. 


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