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Working in partnership with individuals and organizations at the local level, World Neighbors starts with people’s needs and provides the training and support which allows them to generate tangible benefits in response to those needs. But the capacity of communities and local organizations must be strengthened so that they can sustain and spread those benefits.

Women's groupCapacity building entails enabling a self-managed process of organizational change by which leaders and members learn to identify critical problems and diagnose and strengthen their organizational abilities in order to take collective action to solve them. The end result is that people develop more effective viable and legitimate forms of local organization that succeed in creating long-term solutions to meet local needs.

FarmerWorld Neighbors recognizes that we can’t remain in one site for too long – nor would it be desirable to do so (project initiatives generally last from 8 to 12 years). We seek to strengthen local autonomy rather than create dependency. This requires transferring responsibilities to local partners and transitioning out of direct financial support. In many cases, local organizations we partner with evolve into NGOs or inter-village associations of rural people.

Sometimes these organizations can spread the social change process by in turn strengthening other local organizations.


Capacity Building Resources 

Lessons from the Field
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Assessing & Strengthening the Sustainability of Community Development Organizations


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