World Neighbors Finds Solutions to the Root Causes of Poverty

What is poverty?  Poverty is living without the basic needs that many others in this world enjoy.  People who live in poverty worry about things like having enough food to feed their families and having safe secure shelter in which to live.  Poverty effects day to day life, children are unhealthy due to a lack of nutritional foods and medical care and their parents have little or no resources to improve their living conditions. 


People living in poverty cannot afford better foods and their constant lack of nutrition leaves them unable to work more to provide the extra money needed for nutritional foods.  This is why people get stuck in the trap of poverty; they are unable to find a way out on their own.  The cycle continues, generation after generation.  Entire communities live in poverty always believing if they work hard enough they can break the cycle.


FarmersWorld Neighbors works to find solutions to the underlying causes of poverty by working with people and communities in a way that leads them to become stronger and more self-sufficient. Our programs focus on integrated solutions to things like hunger, poverty and disease.



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