Solving the Root Causes of Global Hunger

Did you know that according to the International Food Policy Research Institute:

Globally, about 1 billion people are absolutely poor, living on less than a dollar a day; 162 million live well below that on less than half a dollar a day. About 800 million people are hungry, lacking sufficient access to food and far more people suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies that lead to serious health problems.
World Neighbors believes that there are many causes of hunger; therefore we take an integrated approach when looking for solutions to communities’ food shortages and nutritional problems.

World Neighbors integrated programs seek to provide long-term solutions to hunger. An area of exploration that World Neighbors is presently focusing on is the lack of linkages between agricultural production and nutrition. The importance of deliberate decision-making regarding nutrient-rich crops can make a significant difference in the nutritional status of young children, coupled with a social approach that addresses the gender issues and education around food storage, preparation and eating order.


"From the Eyes of a Daughter"

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