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Survivors salvaging what they can after the earthquake in Nepal

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Dear Friends of World Neighbors:

I am sure you are aware that a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal today. This disaster has claimed the lives of thousands of people in both Nepal and Northern India. What you may not know is that the epicenter of this massive earthquake was centered near fragile villages in which World Neighbors has been working. Sadly, the earthquake also devastated villages in Bihar, India; another area where World Neighbors works and we need your help.

Please help in the earthquake recovery by giving to World Neighbors Disaster Fund.

Unfortunately, World Neighbors is no stranger to a tragedy such as this. We know, through our work in Haiti, that the devastation will go beyond the initial disaster. We must be diligent in guarding against the spread of disease while meeting the immediate food security and housing needs of our neighbors. World Neighbors staff is assessing the immediate implications and will be quickly mounting a strategic response.

In my ten-month tenure as World Neighbors President and CEO, I have visited Nepal twice. I witnessed the transformation of poverty-stricken villages into flourishing communities due to the hard-work and determination of the women in these villages. Although the earthquake will have destroyed some (if not all) of the work undertaken by these women, I am certain that they can, yet again, create flourishing gardens and livestock in order to better their lives, the lives of their families and their neighbors.

Please consider a hand-up to our neighbors.

With your help, we will execute a plan which addresses the immediate needs of our program partners while laying the groundwork to help them get back to the successful work they were doing to lift themselves out of hunger, poverty and disease.

Thank you for your help!

Kate Schecter
President & CEO

25 April 2015

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Our Mission

World Neighbors inspires people and strengthens communities to find lasting solutions to hunger, poverty and disease and to promote a healthy environment.

World Neighbors invests in people themselves through education and training, not by giving away material aid.

We provide knowledge and strengthen local capacities for change rather than merely handing out technology or money.

This makes our programs very efficient and creates lasting change rather than a short-term fix.