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October 30, 2015

Humanitarian Crisis Looms in Nepal

World Neighbors raises concerns about an impending humanitarian crisis in Nepal. Click here for more:

October 11, 2015

Being Good Global Neighbors

Recruited for the chief executive position of World Neighbors, Kate Schecter said she admitted to the board when she interviewed that she, until then, had never heard of the Oklahoma City-based nonprofit international development organization.

Kate Schecter - CEO of World Neighbors
Since she joined World Neighbors in June 2014, CEO Kate Schecter has traveled to Nepal, Indonesia, East Timor, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Haiti, Bolivia and Peru. [PHOTO BY STEVE GOOCH, THE OKLAHOMAN]

Moreover, Schecter was perfectly happy with her Washington, D.C.-based development job.

But the more Schecter learned of 64-year-old World Neighbors, the more she knew she'd join the organization, which she did in June of last year.

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Our Mission

World Neighbors inspires people and strengthens communities to find lasting solutions to hunger, poverty and disease and to promote a healthy environment.

World Neighbors invests in people themselves through education and training, not by giving away material aid.

We provide knowledge and strengthen local capacities for change rather than merely handing out technology or money.

This makes our programs very efficient and creates lasting change rather than a short-term fix.

November, 2015
Indonesia’s Burning Problem

Please see Kate Schecter’s and Edd Wright’s article in Foreign Affairs, “Indonesia’s Burning Problem: Putting a Stop to Slash and Burn” here.

Watch CNBC Africa interview of CEO Kate Schecter on rural entrepreneurship in Kenya.